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 Notice of Grant(s) Opportunities

This page is designed to notify interested agencies and/or organizations of available grant opportunities funded through the New Jersey Department of Corrections.  Please click on the opportunity below for additional information.

Medication Assisted Treatment For Substance Use Disorder In the New Jersey County Jails NOTICE OF GRANT OPPORTUNITY

Medication Assisted Treatment For Substance Use Disorder In the New Jersey County Jails

  1. FedEx does not allow delivery to P.O. Boxes.  Is there another address (street address) to send submissions to?
    Please use 1376 Stuyvesant Avenue, Trenton, NJ  08625-0863 as the street address for FedEx    submissions.
  2. Can you clarify what is meant by “Jail Inmate of Census” under the Selection Criteria section?  To what extent should information/demographics on inmates include medical histories/substance use/addiction statistics?
    This refers to the Jail Inmate Census – how many inmates the jail actually has (i.e. current population) at the time of application for the MAT program.  Demographics should include the jail current inmate population, as well as general information on what your population usually looks like.
  3. Does the Title Page need to be signed by the County Executive, or can it be signed by the Director/Warden of the County Jail?
    The Title Page may be signed by either the County Executive or the Director/Warden of the County Jail.
  4. Is there a comprehensive list of eligible medications to reference?  For example, Narcan is not initially listed in the Scope of Work, but is mentioned as something that has a budget restriction.  I just want to be confident that no eligible medication is overlooked simply because it is not mentioned in the RFP directly.
    The use of funds must be for the treatment of addiction services.  Eligible medications are listed on page 4 of the Notice of Grant Opportunity; Narcan and Methadone are also included.  Narcan may be funded, but may be no more than 20% of the requested budget.
  5. Can this be used for methadone also?
    Yes, the MAT Grant may be used for Methadone.
  6. Although the grant states that funds cannot be used for salaries, can it be used to contract for post release case management services?  Is the intent of the grant to develop a program for inmate release readiness only or can it also include post release case management?
    County jail post release case management services are not an allowable use of grant funds.  Only MAT medications will be covered, and MAT is limited to the approved medications above.  
  7. I am a little confused about how the money can be used.  Can you give some specific examples?
    The MAT Grant is for the purchase of approved MAT medications.
  8. It says no more than 20% can be used for Narcan – was that supposed to read Vivitrol™/buprenorphine?  I am not sure why we would need Narcan.
    The word Narcan is correct.  No more than 20% of your requested budget may be used for the purchase of Narcan as an approved MAT medication.
  9. Is this grant expected to cover one year or multiple years of service?
    This grant is a one-time distribution of funding to cover purchases of approved MAT medications.



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