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State of New Jersey
Department of Corrections

Whittlesey Road
PO Box 863
Trenton, NJ 08625
Mercer County
Phone (609) 292-4036 *** ATTENTION!! - This is the number to Central Office only.  Facility contact information can be found by clicking on our facility map and then selecting the desired facility.***
Fax (609) 292-9083
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Call:  609 - 292 - 4036 ext 5800 FOLLOW DIRECTIONS



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Every reasonable effort shall be made to accommodate disabled visitors in order for such visitors to participate in regular contact/window visitor programs. All reasonable care and precautions shall be taken to preserve and satisfy the security needs of the NJDOC correctional facilities.

All disabled visitors will be subject to the search, visitor and registration policy and procedures at each facility. Due care will be taken to ensure that disabled visitors are searched in the most efficient and respectful manner possible while maintaining the secure, orderly operation of the facility. Any visitor to a facility will be refused entry if security or safety is threatened.

The NJDOC will make every reasonable effort to accommodate the special needs of any visitor with a documented disability. Due to the essential security concerns present at the institutions, it is required, prior to arrival, that those visitors needing accommodation due to a disability inform the institution staff that they will need a special accommodation. The NJDOC also requires that if reasonable accommodation is required, the visitor must bring medical documentation establishing their disability and their specific need(s), i.e. medications, service animal, etc.

Any visitor who utilizes or intends to utilize a restricted parking space for persons with disabilities is required to register with the facility prior to their arrival. Visitors must complete the NJDOC Restricted Parking Form. Visitors must also present a valid Disabled Person Identification Car issued by the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission or other documentation to demonstrate that the restricted parking placard or license plate is registered to the visitor and is for his/her use only. If the placard is temporary, the visitor must inform the facility when the placard is no longer medically required. Any visitor parking in a restricted parking space for people with disabilities without a legal placard or license plate can be subjected to referral to local law enforcement.

A visitor may be denied entry if the procedures are not adhered to.
Please note that the NJDOC employees are not permitted to physically lift a disabled visitor. Visitors who require aid or assistance of another person must have that person registered in accordance with the visitor policy of the particular institution.

Please also note that any accommodation that defeats security is not a reasonable accommodation.

Please also refer to the facility specific disabled visitor procedures.

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