Page 15 - 2018 NJDOC Annual Report
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Department of Corrections • 2018 Year in Review
○ SOG administered emergency training for numerous agencies in in in in areas such as as Hazmat Active Shooter Mobile Field Force Cell Block Management Firearms and High Risk Transportation ○ The Canine Academy graduation with multiple canine teams trained in in in in in in scent patrol and and tracking disciplines for local county and and state agencies ○ SOG’s Chemical Ordnance Biological Radiological Aid (COBRA) unit obtained a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Hazmat ID Elite machine enabling the team to perform an an an an analysis of of any solid or or liquid chemical in in in a a a a a a a short period of time ○ Response to to mutual aid requests for the the Belmar and and Trenton parades Miss America pageant Escape the the the Cape Triathlon and and Hurricane Michael where members of the the State Incident Management Team were deployed to to to to Georgia to to to to provide additional support to to to to local police to to to to ensure public safety A total of 17 emergency exercises were conducted in NJDOC NJDOC facilities throughout the state with participation from NJDOC NJDOC staff staff vendor medical staff staff and various outside agencies These exercises focused on on on on on enhancing the proficiency o of emergency responders improving communications and developing multi-agency coordination Major Khasima Alexander (left) and and Administrator
Tracy Shimonis-Kaminski part of the leadership team at at at Mid-State Correctional Facility show their patriotism • On July 30 the the Department Department formally recognized Correction Officer Day and and also presented presented the the 2018 Departmental Service Awards to to to to 22 custody custody and and and and civilian civilian staff staff These awards were presented presented to to to to outstanding custody custody and and and and civilian civilian staff staff members for their exemplary service within the the the Department and and and the the the community • 

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