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Department of Corrections • 2018 Year in Review
• • • • • • • • The portfolio of vocational credentials was expanded to include an an accredited welding program The Department of Labor approved registered apprenticeships for the following curriculums: culinary arts metal fabricator cabinet maker (carpentry) animal trainer office manager and and landscape technician The annual Volunteer Appreciation Ceremony was held at at at the the War Memorial in in Trenton in in in September 2018 to to acknowledge the the the the dedication of of of of volunteers who have collectively given thousands of of of of hours of of of of their time in in in the the the areas of of of of education religion recreation and and community programming The Focus on on the Victim program was expanded to include sessions for Spanish-speaking inmates The Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team was was deployed during four incidents incidents CISM CISM was was created to to provide immediate assistance and peer support to to NJDOC employees during critical incidents incidents such as as as the the loss of an an an an employee employee or or other traumatic events In April 2018 50 new CISM responders were trained and certified NJDOC hosted the the Taste of Success Hospitality Showcase to to promote its Culinary Arts Program to to to local chefs and key stakeholders from the the the the industry Industry influencers had the the the opportunity to to influence the the the program’s design Office space space is is being expanded for clinical staff at at Mid-State Correctional Facility by converting a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a tier By re-purposing this space space into offices the Department expects to to realize a a a a a a cost avoidance of $2 million in in in in FY2019 Offenders now have the the the ability to to put cell phone phone numbers on on on their phone phone lists enabling them to reinforce family ties 16
Lycia Taylor Religious Volunteer (holding plaque) is is joined by Acting Commissioner Marcus O Hicks Esq Kenya Collins Assistant Superintendent and Reverend Warren Wilcox at the 2018 NJDOC Volunteer Appreciation Ceremony 

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