Page 37 - 2018 NJDOC Annual Report
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Department of Corrections • 2018 Year in Review
Classification Support & Training/Auditing Units
• Classification Support Unit – This unit is is responsible for providing support support and direction in in in in in in in various classification tasks including max date sentence calculation support support to to institutional institutional staff staff assisting staff staff with special projects related to to modifications in in in in in in in in in in in in statute providing on-site training as as as needed conducting institutional institutional audits and and seeking and and implementing new new or or revised procedures based on on on on on on on new new legislation The unit unit provides technical support to to Central Office staff in in in in in the the area of classification In addition the the unit unit is responsible for investigating and responding to to correspondence associated with offender complaints In In conjunction with the the the Office of Information Technology the the the Classification Support Unit continues to to develop and support a a a a a a a a a a a website that provides information to to the the the the public regarding state-sentenced inmates including the the the the offender’s name description of of of of the the the the offense for for which the the the the offender offender offender is incarcerated etc The website provides quick access of of of of information to to victims prosecutors and other interested parties regarding all offenders in in the state system • Training/Auditing Unit – This unit provides formalized training training to to all existing and and new new classification classification staff members and and and issues annual training training updates relating to to new new laws
and and and and regulations that impact classification classification classification of of the state’s inmates Training plans have been created to establish operational uniformity and and and standardization of of classification classification processes at at all facilities The Training/Auditing Unit also provides in-depth audits of institutional classification functions in in in in in in in in in an an effort to verify that the the policies procedures and processes as as as well as as as the the various computerized information systems are being efficiently utilized in in in in in each institution Each audit consists of an an on-site review to to to monitor all Classification Department operations committee meetings and and and other work responsibilities to to to determine compliance with existing laws
and and and policies unit efficiency and and and productivity • Additional Additional Sentence Sentence Unit Unit Unit – The Classification Services Unit Unit Unit established the the Additional Additional Sentence Sentence Unit Unit Unit at at at at at at Central Office to to demonstrate priority of the the classification processes and and and and on on on on on meeting all all statutory and and and and administrative requirements This unit centrally processes additional and and and and amended sentences and and and and provides updated calculations for the institutional Classification Departments to to review The Additional Sentence Unit ensures that all offenders in in fin in in the the the the custody of of of the the the the NJDOC are confined and/or and/or supervised according to to the the the the the additional and/or and/or amended order of of of of of the the the the the sentencing court serves as a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a centralized source of of of offender information for for for staff the the the the public and and and and and numerous state state and and and and and federal agencies and and and and and directs the the statewide quality assurance and and and and and audit processes for for for time calculation classification and and case management Field Services Unit The primary responsibility of of of the the the Field Services Unit (FSU) is is to oversee and ensure the the the effectiveness of of of of NJDOC food service operations through the the the the the provision of of of of cost-effective nutritionally adequate meals to the the the inmate population and employees of of of the the the Department The FSU has several areas of administrative responsibility:
• Food Service Management – Efforts to control the the the NJDOC food food expenditures are coordinated Using the the the the the the central menu the the the the the the FSU works with Agri-Industries food food production plants the the the the the the Deptcor bakery the the the the the the New Jersey Department of the the the the the the Treasury Purchase Bureau and and and the the the the Distribution and and and Support Services in in in establishing contracts with vendors to to monitor and and and manage food costs at each institution 

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