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Among those joining Acting Commissioner Hicks for a a meeting of of the minds are Acting Chief of of Staff Suzanne Lawrence (left) and Deputy Commissioner Bettie Norris (center) 40
Department of Corrections • 2018 Year in Review
jurisdiction and New Jersey offenders serving their sentences in in in in the the Federal Witness Protection Program The Corrections Compact has been an an an an increasingly useful tool to to separate those high-ranking Security Threat Group (STG) offenders and placing them in in in in in states where their power is neutralized as as well as as an an an alternative to long-term
restrictive housing placement The Office of Interstate Services also acts as liaison with the State Parole Board ensuring that pre-parole packages are processed in in in in in in a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a timely manner in in in in in in compliance with with the the Administrative Code and and cooperates in in in in in in in in in legislative and and reentry initiatives including the the the parole contract Staff members from this unit also coordinate efforts with with the the the the State Parole Board and Juvenile Justice Commission to ensure that juveniles housed within the the the the Department are afforded due process rights regarding their more expansive opportunities to to be heard by the the the State Parole Board as as well as as issues relating to to terms of post-incarceration supervision Release Notification Unit - Central Office The Release Notification Unit oversees and and supervises the the the institutional release and and prosecutor notification processes for for all all offenders offenders sentenced to to to the the the custody of of of of the the the NJDOC The unit ensures that that all all offenders offenders with convictions for for current and/or prior sex offenses are properly identified identified and and and registered under the the terms of of of Megan’s Law and and and that that those identified identified as potential predators are referred for civil commitment evaluation in accordance with with the the Sexually Violent Predator Act The The unit also ensures that offenders with with psychiatric histories are identified and reviewed for for for general forensic commitment The The Release Notification Unit is is responsible for for for a a a a a a a a a a a a computerized tracking system developed to to monitor the movement of of approximately 3 200 convicted sex offenders or or or or individuals with mental health issues through the state’s correctional system system The tracking system system provides weekly updates of of of detailed data and and and ensures in in an an an an automated fashion that offenders with with with convictions for current and/or prior sex offenses or or or or or or those with with with psychiatric histories are properly alerted and and and tracked within the corrections system The unit serves as a a a a a a a a a a liaison in in in in conjunction with institutional staff and and representatives from outside agencies including the the Deputy Attorney General county prosecutors and and the the New Jersey State Police to to to to clarify problem cases to to to to resolution involving Category 1 offenders civil commitment alerts notification packages Megan’s Law registration “Under Act ” housing treatment programs and and the the the the the release process Additionally with the the the the the authority of of the the the the the Office of of the the the the the Attorney General this unit oversees the the the the the interface between Livescan and and Offender Watch 

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