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Department of Corrections • 2018 Year in Review
Message from
Acting Commissioner
Marcus O Hicks Esq A key component of of the New Jersey Department of of Corrections’ (NJDOC) mission is is to keep the public safe and provide individuals with the necessary tools to to promote successful
reentry into society With this goal in in in mind the Department continues to operate efficiently and and effectively each and and every day Thanks to the the work of our dedicated staff the the NJDOC provides safe secure and humane facilities to its inmate population Our philosophy in corrections is that we have a a a a a responsibility to rehabilitate the entire individual That’s why the NJDOC provides a a a a a variety of programs focusing on reentry education behavior modification and substance use disorder treatment By keeping pace with the the ever-evolving correctional field through the the implementation and utilization of of a a a a a a a a a diverse array of of initiatives and services the NJDOC remains a a a a a a a a a model law enforcement agency nationwide As you review the many achievements highlighted in this 2018 Annual Report I I hope you are as as proud as as I I am of what we have accomplished together I am gratified by what has been achieved under the leadership of Governor Murphy and his administration and look forward to to continuing to to meet the challenges of modern correctional management Marcus O Hicks Esq Acting Commissioner
Marcus O Hicks Esq Acting Commissioner
of of the New Jersey Department of of Corrections has more than 15 years of public policy and legal experience Prior to his appointment as as Acting Commissioner
he he served in in in in in many roles since joining the Department in in in in in 2007 

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