Page 8 - 2018 NJDOC Annual Report
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Department of Corrections • • 2018 Year in Review • • Key Initiatives
Initiative #2
NJDOC Leverages Best Practices
to Address Rise in in Suicides in in County Jails
In response to to rising suicide rates in in in in New New Jersey’s county jails the the New New Jersey Jersey Department of of Corrections announced a a a a a a a a a series of of initiatives intended to to confront the the issue and ultimately save lives While the the the NJDOC does not have a a a a a a a a a a a a a role in in in in the the the daily operations of county jails the the the Department will remain vigilant in in in in in establishing suicide prevention standards that must be met by each county jail in in in in partnership with the New Jersey County Jail Warden’s Association NJDOC staff members take part in in a a a a a a a presentation highlighting suicide prevention standards 78

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